27 June 2014

Good To See The Young’uns Catching Up

Marissa Mayer, 2011 InterviewYahoo Wants You to Linger (on the Ads, Too)
By Vindu Goel, New York Times
… Marissa Mayer, the chief executive, has decided that one way to reverse that decline (in advertising) is to turn the company into a media empire with a constellation of what it calls digital magazines…

Ms. Mayer says that she wants to make Yahoo a “daily habit” for its 800 million users. But she doesn’t want people to come to Yahoo just to read email, post photographs on Flickr or get the latest sports scores. She also wants Yahoo to be a place where they curl up and spend some time …. And curling up right beside them would be the advertisers.

wrongSounds familiar.  Should you read all my posts on this subject?  Nah. You’d be here for hours.  One or two’ll be enough.  Click and pick:

Social Media - WOMM - Web Advertising Posts

Actually, Ms. Mayer is talking about Tablets as magazines. A few more musty posts:

15 April 2007
Positioning Magazines for Baby Boomers
There are active and passive parts of our day. Without getting into too much psychobabble, as you get older the passive side needs more nourishment. It’s not really passive. It’s focused absorption. At some point you have to climb out of your frenetic digital nest and concentrate on one thing. It might be reading a book, watching a TV show or movie, listening to music, looking out the window.

Or immersing yourself in a magazine.

28 August 2013
Tablets & The Magic of Muggles
…Tablets could become a major vehicle for advertising.  They’ll get bigger, lighter, much thinner, flexible or semi-flexible if that’s what you’d prefer, easy to handle while sitting, lying down. Finger scrolls won’t be much different than turning pages…

04 November 2013
Smartphones & Tablets, Apples & Oranges
… If I tuck a magazine under my arm and take it with me, is that mobile advertising?  If I’m home on my couch flipping through Flipboard on my tablet that I don’t take anywhere anymore because the thrill of brandishing it is gone, I just use it at home - would those big, almost full screen ads be traditional advertising?

It’s good to see the young’uns catching up.  They may need a bit of help, however:

Human Resources/Brain Power




Ageism Raises Its Techie Head

03 June 2014

A Few New Tech Products

imageOn The Huffington Post (where I also blog), writer Pamela Poole has a savvy take on a handful of new tech products featured and/or inspired by the annual Boomers Business Summit

I’ve been to a few of those…

24 March 2006
At My Table at The Summit
"So can you tell if someone is having sex?"
"…We think so."
"... Good sex?"

Ms. Poole’s HuffPost Piece:

Leave It To Boomers: Transforming Aging With Tech
image… We all know that the physical and cognitive abilities of older people can deteriorate, leaving them unable to manage ordinary tasks and vulnerable to exploitation. It sucks.

Fortunately, thanks to today's tech, we've come a very long way from the "I've fallen and I can't get up" necklace!

The products range from very interesting to old hat to slightly convoluted.  You can sort them out yourself.

The thin, portable reading glasses make sense to me – and/or similarly constructed magnifying glasses. 

imageThe super-duper walker has me wincing. My first thought was of a bag lady pushing a shopping cart - not a good image.

Some hybrid of this and a product I blogged about a few years ago might work:

14 October 2011
Entrepreneurs & Baby Boomers II
SC… Awhile back I received a phone call from a gentleman who’d designed a clever piece of exercise/sporting equipment for rollicking and rolling on trails. It was an adaptation of another clever, successful product, making a certain popular activity much safer – and more fun.

I’m just not convinced that people would want to mosey around with a shopping cart.

More about technology, baby boomers, entrepreneurs, advertising:

10 April 2013
Entrepreneurs, VCs & Health Tech
… I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of tech and health tech.  Fabulous stuff is on the way.

But there will be backlash.

29 May 2014

Nine Years Later: NostraChuckus Prophesy Come True

, famed Soothsayer and advertising gadfly who’s been startling the world for years with his mundane prognostications, has again predicted the future.

Excerpt from Advertising to Baby Boomers © 2005:


Nine years later:

Older, Richer, Wiser? Don't underestimate the over-50s
imageAnother misconception that was blown out of the water at this year’s event was that retirement and old age is a time for winding down …. The session gave the audience a real-world view into the hearts and minds of mature customers and the fact that they no longer see retirement as a chance to wind-down but more as a chance to rediscover and reinvent themselves.

Just for fun:
Going Nutty Over Older
Women's Bodies


16 May 2014

The Age Premium

Are companies finally catching on?  The New York Times seems to think so:

The Age Premium: Retaining Older Workers
imageBy Steven Greenhouse
… They (employers) go the extra mile to assure experienced employees that they are valued and that management is eager for them to stay. Some employers promote innovative programs to show that they appreciate their older employees and don’t want to lose their experience, their rapport with customers or their ability to mentor younger workers.

Through the years I’ve written quite a lot about this. A sampling (some go back years, so many links within the posts have expired):

05 November 2006
Ignore the Research and Trust Your Gut

17 July 2006
What Kind of Genius Are You?

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Rance Crain Makes Perfect Sense Yet Again

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Old Masters and Young Geniuses

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Baby boomers are smarter than you think

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Brains More Distracted, Not Slower with Age

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My Brain, Your Brain, iBrain

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People generally get better.

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Oprah & Dan … & Chuck

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Older Employees' Better Coping Skills Mean Better Engagement

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The Trouble with HR

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Advertisers: Be Prepared For Big Boomer Brains

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2010: The Year of The Baby Boomer Brain

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Aging Brain Less Quick, More Shrewd

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Hire Baby Boomer Creatives

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The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain

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The Year Of The Baby Boomer Brain

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Memo to H.R: Older Brains = Smarter Brains

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HR/Brain Roll

24 May 2010
Diversity as a Strategic Advantage

07 June 2010
The world might become a better place.

07 August 2010
Digital Advertising Natives and Immigrants

24 January 2011
The Creative Art Of Growing Old

29 February 2012
Memo to H.R: Boeing Gets A Bargain

"No, I don't think a 68-year-old copywriter can write with the kids. That he's as creative. That he's as fresh. But he may be a better surgeon. His ad may not be quite as fresh and glowing as the Madison Ave. fraternity would like to see it be, and yet he might write an ad that will produce five times the sales. And that's the name of the game, isn't it?" - Rosser Reeves

18 September 2012
Those Baffling Boomer Brains

29 May 2013
Intergenerational Teams A Strength

More from the NYT article:

… Some experts on aging say the baby boom generation has changed the definition of retirement.

I may have mentioned this almost a decade ago…

CVRCompFrom my book © 2005, 2007:
Contrary to popular myth, Baby Boomers do not believe that they are still teenagers or young adults. (Some probably do, but they need therapy.) Boomers are slyly redefining what it means to be the ages they are. Included in this new definition are some youthful attitudes - but the real change is that instead of winding down, many are winding up. We're not 'looking forward to retirement,' we're looking forward to new lives, new challenges. Only a small percentage will opt for pure retirement. (I predict that in twenty years the word 'retirement' will still be in dictionaries, but followed by the modifier archaic.)

05 May 2014

Ageism Raises Its Techie Head

huffington_post_logo1This post is a cheat. You’re getting a one-for-two deal. I’m merely sending you to my blog on The Huffington Post:

Ageism Raises Its Techie Head
2014-05-02-PeterHimler.jpeg… PR Guru and Forbes Columnist Peter Himler offers a good-natured rant about ageism in the tech world … He's come up with a list of 20 New Yorkers over 50 who aren't exactly luddites…

And/or check out two groups of posts:

Human Resources/Brain Power

Entrepreneurs & Baby Boomers

Maybe next time I won’t be so lazy.