28 January 2011

NostraChuckus Predicts The Future of AARP

imageFamed Soothsayer and advertising gadfly NostraChuckus has been startling the world for years with his mundane prognostications:

NostraChuckus Scratches His Head

Another déjà vu …

Memed again.

NostraChuckus Scoops New York Times

NostraChuckus Conjures The Specter Of NostraChuckus

What Next From The Crystal Ball of Common Sense?

AARP has been swirling around in his magickal, vaporous orb for nigh onto half a decade. It began as a chapter in his book:

… The advertising campaign has one ad with ashen-faced Baby Boomers in body bags ("These days, doctors don't pronounce you dead. Marketers do."). Another shows Baby Boomers acting like testosteroned teenagers ("Outta the way, punks: older racers are the hot-rod kings!").Yet another has one of a middle-aged lady dead in a powder room (probably from overdoing it on the dance floor) with police chalk outlining her body. I don't know what the copy is because I haven't seen it. It's probably something like, "Give me wrinkle cream, or give me death!"
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Along with many, many posts:

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And …

imageAARP's Chicken Coop Coup? (2008)
I've picked on AARP's advertising and marketing through the years. I think they can handle it. They're big boys and girls…

So the other day I'm leafing through the new National Geographic and I see this (click here)  I get sucked in. Great story. It's something real - not a lot of aspirational vapor…

I hope they develop this ad into a high-profile campaign with more stories and history…

No surprise: Three years later, NostraChuckus’ prediction comes true….

Never underestimate the prognosticative powers of  The Crystal Ball of Common Sense.