22 February 2012

The New Millennium Tales on AEF Must-Read List

imageWay back in 2005 I was boggled when The Advertising Educational Foundation chose my book as a Classroom Resource:

imageOnly twenty-five titles have been chosen over the last six years. They include A BIG LIFE (in advertising) by Mary Wells Lawrence (Alfred A. Knopf), How Brands Become Icons by Douglas B. Holt (Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation), and Contemporary Advertising by William F. Arens (The McGraw-Hill Companies).

imageI’m boggled again (although not quite as boggled since I can only take about 1/90th of the credit for this one).  AEF has included The New Millennium Tales on its Recommended Must-Read List.

You’ll have to scroll a bit to reach it:


imageOK … maybe I’ll take a wee bit more credit than just 1/90th of it.  Yours Truly suggested to Kevin Lavery that he submit the book to Marcia Soling for consideration. 

Pilgrim Chuck is chuffed to be represented on both AEF’s book lists.

imageAnd the online Wall Street Journal mentioned The New Millennium Tales.  Very heady.

Congrats to all Pilgrims who told tales.  And a special thanks to Ms. Soling and The Advertising Educational Foundation. Visit them on Facebook.