27 January 2006

Deloitte All Over It

As I write this, Deloitte & Touche has 50+ marketing and advertising all over their main page:
Heads up. Your consumers are changing. The first Baby Boomers turn 60 this year and, by 2008, older consumers will dominate the U.S. marketplace. Your biggest customer base will be 50-to-80 year olds—and they will require your undivided attention.
Inside there's a well-written, easy to digest marketing report (PDF), a podcast featuring Patrick Conroy, and all sorts of goodies tucked away here.

24 January 2006

For Mature Audiences

I don't make it a practice to link to subscription sites - but this is a fun article by Mary Tannen in New York Times Magazine:
Nice as it would be to believe that older women in high places (and a few enlightened men) are at last recognizing the allure of the post-Edenic Eve, that is, a woman with experience who knows what she wants and how to get it, some hard economics may also be wooing the cosmetic and fashion industries away from their long love affair with youth.

It's a free article (not TimesSelect - yet) so if you can't get to it, fill out the form and virtually subscribe. Do it fast before you do have to pay.

21 January 2006


It doesn't quite carry the gravitas it once did, but VOA is still one of the top news sources around the world. So you'd better read (or watch) their generic report on marketing to Baby Boomers:
Melanie Ulricksen is 53. She says she's fed up with products that try to make her look younger. "I don't want to be 55 trying to look like I'm 35. Give me something that makes what I have look nicer."
Nothing much new here, although it's worth listening to the sensible advice of Revlon's CMO, Stephanie Peponis:
"We want to make her look her best today. That's different from turning back the clock."
On second thought - this report, though not the most arousing piece of reportage, probably should be rammed down the throats of every advertising agency power-that-be. Of course, only clients can do that.

And I wonder when they will. Clients had better wise up fast and demand intelligent creative when targeting Baby Boomers:
A consulting group, Deloitte, predicts Baby Boomers will dominate the marketplace by 2008.

20 January 2006

Boomers, Vacation, Travel

Mirroring a chapter in my book about vacations and travel, add these two trends:

Exotic cruises profit from baby boomers
Affluent cruise passengers are eschewing placid days on a sun lounger for exotic trips to middle-eastern archaeological sites and night clubs.
Volunteering travel is a big success with the 50-plus
Over-5Os make excellent volunteers as they bring with them different life skills and a different outlook to younger volunteers. They tend to be more patient and have very good communication and people skills. Older volunteers sometimes take on a role as an unofficial group leader when placed with younger volunteers which seems to work well. All the skills complement each other.

Now in its eleventh year, i-to-i is an award-winning organization providing unique travel and work experiences to people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

17 January 2006

Baby Boomers Housing Market Primer

Here's the perfect, up-to-date primer for the Baby Boomer housing market: an article by Harold Bubil of the Sarasota Herald Tribune about The International Builders Show in Orlando last week:
The standard retirement community concept -- a cluster of senior housing out in the countryside, often behind gates -- is being altered. The emerging trend in 50-plus housing is to build it in business hubs and commercial centers. These consumers "want to be connected to life outside their own communities and don't want to have to drive to get to shopping and entertainment. Connection to the larger community is essential," according to an NAHB report.
I'm slated to speak at The NAHB Building for Boomers & Beyond 50+ Housing Symposium 2006 in April. Haven't signed the contract yet, but I probably will…

13 January 2006

Baby Boomers Burst Online

Tessa Wegert's piece on Click Z about a Burst! Media study is a good one - although there's nothing much new here if you've been keeping up with the Baby Boomer online demographic curve:
Three of five adults 55 years and older, known to be the heaviest consumers of offline media such as newspapers and TV network news, say they use the Internet more today than they did a year ago. This data is supported by com Score Media Metrix research, which finds the number of online adults aged 55 and older grew by 20 percent to reach over 27 million in 2005.
Tessa is an entertaining business writer. Not surprisingly, I found her anecdotal research more compelling than all the numbers. For example, she tells a story about her mother-in-law giving the 20 and 30-something youngsters in her family Logitech video WebCams for Christmas, then announcing:
"Now we can all iChat together and see each other wherever we are … Later, I'll show you all how to set it up."
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11 January 2006

U.S. Census Bureau Facts About Baby Boomers

The U.S. Census Bureau has stats about Baby Boomers bundled in a recent special edition of Facts for Features:
Staying Young and Fit
Number of fitness and recreation centers nationwide in 2003. These are good places to visit on a regular basis for boomers who are trying to become or stay physically fit.
Facts for Features is offered to the press - but anybody can take advantage of the information and downloads.

09 January 2006

Welcome to your 60s, boomers!

I'm sick of it. All this slop about Baby Boomers turning sixty. If I hear that Ameriprise guitar player do his weird, wimpy Happy Birthday thing more time, I'm going to puke.

I wish I could be wittier about this, but I can't. Because all I want to do is puke.

If I weren't a Baby Boomer, I'd hate them. Thanks, media and press.

Although I am looking forward to a scholarly take on the subject from Leonard Steinhorn and his book - the one with the trouble-making title. It's trouble-making for a reason, no doubt.

But please - no more 'they're turning sixty' Baby Boomer stuff in the press, ok?

However, if you must read one article (or another one), read this one. It's by Meg Heckman of the Concord Monitor:
When reflecting on their lives thus far, many boomers interviewed invoke the memory of their parents, calling them "the greatest generation" and speaking humbly of their achievements. But they're no less proud of their own very different accomplishments.
Now let's put a stopper in it.

P.S. And even if you love the guitar player, read this.

02 January 2006

Amazon Connect

Amazon.com has launched a pilot program of blogs by selected authors: Amazon Connect.

I jumped into the fray a few days ago. My guess is that blogging about your book will eventually become available to all authors.

I like it because the blog is featured prominently on the book detail page (scroll down). Good marketing by Amazon.

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