23 December 2019

End Of Year Links: 2019

I’m just so tired. Probably of politics. So this last post of the year is going to be snooze-worthy. There’s no energy left.

Most popular post of the year:

Goings On About Town
… Ranking The Best Five Toilet Papers For Seniors

My favorite post of the year:

Reefer Madness Redux
… Along with my more-significant-than-I-am other, I finally made it into one of these new-fangled headshops. Quite a culture shock. No day-glo posters of Dylan, The Doors, or Hendrix.

Abbie Rosner’s follow-up post:

Two Ways Cannabis Companies Can Show Baby Boomers They Care
… Not all Baby Boomers are looking for medicinal tinctures …

Ronni Bennett gathered up all the best 2019 Christmas commercials from the U.K.:

British Christmas Adverts – Part 1

British Christmas Adverts – Part 2

I’m not that impressed this year. Of course, some are good. The problem is I’m sick of CGI. The simple, straightforward ones are more effective. 

Here’s one Ronni missed (0r rejected) that’s very sweet and touching. And cliched and maudlin. Just like Christmas spots are supposed to be:

That’s all. Happy Holidays. I’m gonna take a nap.