13 December 2016

Recap 2016: Advertising to Baby Boomers

The year began with folks playing games with our brains:

06 January 2016
Brain Games: Hocus-Pocus Hyperbole
Looks like a not-so-bright company hawking a make-me-bright online game is in non-virtual hot water:
Lumosity fined millions for making false claims about brain health benefits…

And, as always, there was More Déjà Vu:

image19 April 2016
Big Mags Roll Out Big Guns. Again.
… The Economist found that only 31% of firms it polled did take into account increased longevity when making plans for sales and marketing … One reason for this tardiness is that young people dominate marketing departments and think that the best place for the old is out of sight and mind.

23 September 2016
Deaf Ears, Gatekeepers, and Frustration
image… We have approached all the local ******* ad agencies and (our pitches) seem to fall on deaf ears … their gatekeepers are millennials and they have no interest in marketing to a bunch of old fogies …

26 July 2016
Television Still Shining
…I like it when someone else writes a post for me – and/or I’ve written the post before (in this case, loads of times) so I don’t have to start from scratch. Copy ‘n Paste is fast becoming my mantra...

Image result for nostrachuckus14 October 2016
Tweeters & Zoomers & An Ugly ‘Ism’
… No surprise to NostraChuckus,  famed soothsayer and advertising gadfly who’s been startling the world for years with his mundane prognostications…

What blog wouldn’t be complete without Shameless Self-Promotion Posts:

aging21 February 2016
Published: Advertising in the Aging Society by Prieler, Kohlbacher
… Professor Kohlbacher asked me to fashion an Afterword for his newest co-written tome…

28 March 2016
Advertising In The Aging Society: The Foreword, The Interview

Image result for zoomer complex07 October 2016
Zoomer Media/ZoomerU Presentation in Toronto
Last week I was at  ZoomerPlex, a city square of TV production facilities, radio stations, magazine headquarters, and site of an astonishing television museum.

ZoomerU gets off to a successful launch

Take a break with a Double-Feature & Shorts:

blob26 August 2016
Entrepreneurs & Spending Power
Why Advertising To Boomers Just Got More Important
by Barry Robertson
Shocking new study defines vast Boomer (ugh!) spending power…

Digital Déjà Vu:

[image%255B5%255D.png]03 October 2016
Digital Ad Shenanigans
…It’s been a bad week or so for online advertising foolishness and chicanery. No big surprise for yours truly. I’ve been yacking about all this nonsense for a decade...

29 November 2016
Digital Ad Shenanigans: The Academic Edition
…The realization that something you thought to be “real” is actually an advertisement is an increasingly common, if unsettling, sensation. Mara Einstein calls it “content confusion,” and if her book, “Black Ops Advertising,” is right, we’re in for even more such trickery…

Like this year and last year,  no doubt more frolic beginning in January.

Just For Fun:

Image result for Huffington postThe Everlast
by Chuck Nyren
Fred Thorson had been dead for fifteen million years...