07 October 2016

Zoomer Media/ZoomerU Presentation in Toronto

Image result for zoomer complexLast week I was in Toronto at  ZoomerPlex, a city square of TV production facilities, radio stations, magazine headquarters, and site of an astonishing television museum

David Cravit invited me to keynote the first (actually, a rejuvenated) Zoomer U event:

imageZoomer U is your information and idea resource for all things pertaining to the boomer market – news, trends, data, and creative ideas. Zoomer U gathers the latest thinking from ZoomerMedia experts as well as marketers, demographers, policy-makers and trend-watchers from around the world, and delivers it online and through special events.

The night before, David and Lori Fitzgerald (Publisher of Zoomer Magazine, Director of Sales, Print & Digital) took me to dinner. We probably should’ve taped our spirited discussion and put it up somewhere. These are dedicated folks, and fun to be around.

The next morning I did my song ‘n dance for about seventy attendees.    

I won’t put you to sleep with the entire hour presentation. Just take a short nap with this 12-minute selection of clips (or watch it on a bigger screen https://youtu.be/h5D-rh-iklY) :

Thanks again to David and Lori for inviting me.

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