09 October 2018

AARP & NostraChuckus

crystalIt’s been a banner year for NostraChuckus, famed Soothsayer of The Mundane and The Obvious.  However, even he could not have predicted such a banner year for himself:

09 January 2018
2018: The Year of Big
… Advertisers will finally follow simple common sense, something a certain seer has been urging for years …

26 MARCH 2018
NostraChuckus’ Crystal Ball of Common Sense has spot-on prognosticated what would come true in 2018

02 JULY 2018
The Year Of Big Gets Bigger
NostraChuckus, famed soothsayer of the obvious, continues to amaze with his humdrum prognostications…

NostraChuckus’ Crystal Ball of Common Sense vs. Apple Watch
… While both offerings are worthy, we prefer The Crystal Ball because it can actually tell the future of the Apple Watch …

Now this:

AARP to Take On Ageism, Enlists Former Ad Executive Cindy Gallop
Image result for wall street journal logo… Madison Avenue has long been obsessed by youth and its workforce tends to be weighted toward the younger generation…

“The ad industry is an extremely ageist industry,” said Ms. Gallop, who added that she plans on pressuring agencies into hiring more older people…”

“When you have older people creating, producing and approving ads, the problem is easily solved,” Ms. Gallop added …

NostraChuckus in 2003 (via The Wayback Machine):

Advertising to Baby Boomers: Back into the Fold
The Giant Leap: There had better be a minor revolution in the creative end of the advertising industry. Talented men and women in their late forties and fifties need to be brought back into the fold if you want to reach us. This includes copywriters, graphic artists, producers, directors, and creative directors.

Truth is, you can analyze marketing fodder all day and night, read countless books about marketing to Baby Boomers, attend advertising and marketing conventions around the world, and soak up everything all the experts have to say. Much of what is out there is valuable and useful, some practically required reading, others instructive and illuminating. But if you plan on implementing a creative strategy, and turn it over to a different generation of advertising professionals - you'll forfeit the natural sensibilities required to generate vital campaigns.

The book of prophesy © 2005/2007:

Intro and First Chapter (PDF)

NostraChuckus’ Crystal Ball of Common Sense is getting hazy now……

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