The AARP Posts

21 March 2013
AARP Is All New Redux: Part I
AARP is ‘rebranding’ itself for the umpteenth time ... The site urges you to join and gather up calling cards that look a bit like playing cards from Old Maid.

27 March 2013
AARP Is All New Redux: Part II
AARP will also step up its efforts to help businesses develop “their 50-plus strategy”… If AARP overhauls its travel biz (that’s what they say they’re doing), perhaps one day it will be advantageous for members. April 2013
AARP Is All New Redux: Part III (The Magazine)
There is a slow overhaul of AARP Magazine going on, no doubt for the better ... Myrna Blyth, former editor/publisher of a slew of top-notch magazines (Ladies’ Home Journal, Family Circle, More, and even more) is now Editorial Director of AARP Media.  AARP can’t do much better than that.

10 April 2013
imageAARP Is All New Redux: Part IV (Entrepreneurs, VCs & Health Tech)
Last year the organization plopped headfirst into the Boomers/
VC/Start-Up pool ... I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of tech and health tech.  Fabulous stuff is on the way.  But there will be backlash.