29 December 2021

Two Old Guys Talk About A Sneaker

20The Key to Marketing to Older People? Don’t Say ‘Old.’
New York Times
By Corinne Purtill
Dec. 8, 2021

… In contrast, longevity experts said, today’s most effective marketing campaigns focus on the specific needs a product or service addresses, and the lifestyle of the person buying it — ideally without explicitly mentioning age at all.

Quiz: Who/What’s older?

a) the old guys in the video 
b) the advice proffered

Answer: b. The old guys are older. They were more-than-likely born before 2003:

advAdvertising to Baby Boomers (Part I): Mentioning Age
Chuck Nyren
Published on: May 19, 2003

…. When you are targeting any market, age is one of many factors. But this does not mean campaigns should mention age. Advertising aimed at Baby Boomers with themes such as 'Because you're older," or "Feel (or look) young again" can be jarring to the senses … The subtext may imply a specific age range, but there is rarely a need to point it out …

As far as the other info and advice in the NYT article (spending power, life stages, focusing on the product, blah, blah) – all have been covered ad nauseam by Yours Truly and others over the last almost two decades. I’d link to dozens of examples from my book, blog – but I’m too old to do it right now.

I’m also too tired to lace up and head out for a slow run. I need a nap.