16 November 2018

Hallmark Moment Syndrome

Whoops. Chuck got sucked into a sappy Christmas commercial. Let's hope it's not some new chronic condition (known in psychology journals as Hallmark Moment Syndrome).

I'm posting it because it's for a department store in the U.K. - so you won't be seeing it on this side of the pond.

06 November 2018

Knock The Vote

Today is voting day. I decided to wait until the whole mess was (almost) over before blogging this spot:

Many folks are upset about it. I get it. It’s ageist. It’s stupid. It’s inaccurate.

imageThe American Society on Aging has called on Nail Communications to suspend an ageist advertising campaign that began Sept. 24 as part of ACRONYM’s “Knock the Vote” initiative.

On another level it’s (I’m guessing) effective advertising. Some tongue-in-cheek variant of negative advertising.

I hope all late-teen to twenty-somethings will laugh, realize it’s silly, and vote.

Do the ends justify the means? That’s too deep a question for shallow me to answer.

Come to your own conclusions.