Old-School Advertising: Digging Around in The Past for Inspiration

Back to the roots. The source. Composers, artists, writers all dip into the past for inspiration. In a creative rut? These classes are probably almost as helpful as getting out of your chair and taking a walk around the block a few times. So take a walk or take the course. Or do both.

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Introduction (6 min):
Class One - 1880s-1920 (13 min): Ever heard of Sapolio?  Did influencer marketing begin on the internet?  What do pre-rolls and print ads have in common? A fun romp through the first fifty years of advertising.
Class Two (Part I) - The Sears Catalogue (9 min): The roots of virtual shopping. For over one hundred years  The Sears Catalogue was more influential than Amazon.com is today.
Class Two (Part II) - World War I Propaganda (8 min): For better or worse, George Creel and his Committee on Public Information created and implemented political campaign tactics still used today. If you're involved in political advertising/marketing/public relations, George Creel is your hero whether you like it or not.
Class Three - The 1920s (12 min): Marketing. Demographics. Coordinated multi-media. Outrageous creativity. The birth of the modern advertising agency.  All these were codified in the 1920s. Has anything revolutionary happened since then?
 More to come.
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Chuck Nyren is an award-winning marketing/advertising video producer, copywriter, consultant, and author. He has been a speaker at private and public international business conferences and seminars in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and Turkey. His book Advertising to Baby Boomers has been selected as a Classroom Resource by The Advertising Educational Foundation.