28 February 2014

Creative Alliances

I’m tired. No real post here. 

imageI have an excuse. Shingles. What a treat to be a member of a non-exclusive Over-Sixty Club of Post-Chicken Pox Martyrs.

It’s waning, almost over, so don’t feel too bad for me. You could’ve felt bad for me two or three weeks ago if you’d known about it.

So nothing really about advertising this time. I’ve been blogging on HuffPost and you’ll be sent over there (I think this is called repurposing):

Creative Alliances Post-50
growingupbProductivity in later stages of life is nothing new … Lately, it's become the zeitgeist of all generations over 50. Creative alliances are blossoming.

Check out the two-minute trailer for Growing Up Bonobo.

If the HuffPost piece were here, I’d stuff it in somewhere on this page:

Human Resources/Brain Power

That’s it.  I’m taking a nap.

13 February 2014


Mary Furlong and a slew of impressive sponsors present:

The What’s Next Boomer Business Summit
http://boomersummit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/BoomerBusiness_Logo.pngFor more than a decade, MFA has collaborated with the American Society on Aging (ASA) to present the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in conjunction with ASA’s annual Aging in America national conference. Scheduled this year for March 11–15 in San Diego, California, Aging in America is the nation’s largest multidisciplinary conference on aging issues…

I’ve been to a few:

14 March 2006
What's Next? Boomer Business Summit
I'll be hopping off the blogging merry-go-round for a week or so to participate in Mary Furlong & Associates/BFA's Third Annual What's Next? Boomer Business Summit in Anaheim.

Sydney, Australia in April:

The Mature Market
Engaging Australia’s Most Astute and Affluent Demographic
One-day connected forum with two half day post-forum workshops.

image    image
Kevin Lavery
(The New Millennium Tales) and Gill Walker (Evergreen Marketing) will speak and conduct workshops.  

Toronto, Canada in June:

imageAge Aware Summit 2014
SERC is hosting The Age Aware Summit, an interactive conference for business leaders, marketers and marketing communication professionals.

The Keynote Speaker:

dicksDick Stroud is quickly achieving worldwide recognition as a leading expert in understanding the implications of physical aging on the way older people behave and the products they buy.


Just for fun – my HuffPost Blog:

The Funny Thermometer
Ever use one of those newfangled temperature-takers?