26 July 2016

Television Still Shining

steve_left.JPGLong time Ad Guru Steve Hall isn’t really flabbergasted:

OMG! The Internet STILL Hasn't Killed TV!
Despite what the advertising industry rumblings might lead us to believe over the past few years citing the decline of television as we know it, television advertising is instead alive, well, and producing solid results…

I like it when someone else writes a post for me – and/or I’ve written the post before (in this case, loads of times) so I don’t have to start from scratch.  Copy ‘n Paste is fast becoming my mantra.

All you really need to read is a C ‘n P job from 2014 that’ll take you all the way back to 2007:

Television Repeats
… That silly retronym “traditional advertising” will remain the premiere force for introducing people to a product or service, along with sustaining its shelf life. Television, print, radio, and billboard ads will continue to have the visceral power they’ve always had – if only for their sheer size, simplicity, and cutting-edge audio/visual qualities.

I’ll leave you with this:

18 May 2010
Advertising Is Dead. Again.
It’s official. The last sixty-four years of advertising has been declared ‘ineffectual’.