20 January 2014

Television Repeats

Not only the shows…

Marketing gurus and Great Seers of The Mundane and The Obvious iterate ad nauseam. 

The repetition doesn’t annoy me.  What does: Many offer up their prognostications as something fresh, profound, even controversial.

Why TV Ad Spend Will Grow More Than Digital Spend In The Next Five Years
image… TV advertising and audiences are not shrinking. The average American watches more than 34 hours of TV programming every week … TV advertising works. Sight, sound and motion on 60-inch, high-definition screens deliver results every day for brands like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Walmart, State Farm, Kellogg’s and Ford. Audiences are massive. They are passive audiences.

Sounds familiar.

15 April 2007
Positioning Magazines for Baby Boomers
There are active and passive parts of our day. Without getting into too much psychobabble … the passive side needs nourishment. It’s not really passive. It’s focused absorption. At some point you have to climb out of your frenetic digital nest and concentrate on one thing. It might be reading a book, watching a TV show or movie, listening to music, looking out the window…

15 February 2009

Television Still Shines
As enamored as advertisers are with the interactive potential of digital advertising, they know that online is a complement to offline, not its replacement …

16 July 2009
Consumers find TV ads more helpful than any other type of commercial message … They find TV spots more helpful than online banner ads in deciding what products or services to purchase by an astounding margin of 37 to 1 …

18 April 2011
The Flat-Screen Rectangle of Common Sense
… Broadcast networks' overall ad volume during the upcoming upfront market will grow strongly to over $10 billion … as well as averaging double-digit percent gains…

28 March 2011
TV Advertising Most Influential: MediaPost

06 March 2012
Digital Distractions
Advertisers are getting wise to the drawbacks of marketing in the digital nest.

Even I’m getting bored sifting through these moldy posts. Just one more:

[image[10].png]01 May 2010
… That silly retronym “traditional advertising” will remain the premiere force for introducing people to a product or service, along with sustaining its shelf life. Television, print, radio, and billboard ads will continue to have the visceral power they’ve always had – if only for their sheer size, simplicity, and cutting-edge audio/visual qualities.