28 March 2011

TV Advertising Most Influential: MediaPost

This’ll be a follow-up to a few posts through the years, including the previous one:

The Real Thing vs. The Virtual Thing

More about Pepsi’s myopia, and trip to the optometrist for a new prescription:

Networks Set to Down Pepsi Dollars
by David Goetzl
image… On Friday, a PepsiCo executive said beverage ad spending would increase this year by 30% -- on TV alone -- with a concerted effort behind flagship Pepsi.

"We need television to make the big, bold statement," Massimo d'Amore, CEO of Pepsi Beverages Americas, told the Wall Street Journal.

Sounds about right to me.  Have I screamed about this loud enough before?  Let me scream again.  Or, let someone else scream:

TV Advertising Most Influential
by Jack Loechner
According to Deloitte's fifth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey, 71% of Americans still rate watching TV on any device among their favorite media activities. In addition, 86% of Americans stated that TV advertising still has the most impact on their buying decisions.

imageNostraChuckus’ take on it all: Foretellings