13 March 2011

Twice Blogged.

It’s always a pleasant shock to find your virtual self puttering in impressive places.

imageJamie Carracher is a digital communications counselor on the Digital Public Affairs team in Edelman’s Washington office. A former journalist, he has worked for publications and public relations firms in New York, Detroit and Cleveland.

My recent online presentation is featured in one of Jamie’s posts:

imageDoes Mobile Work When Advertising to Boomers?
Nyren walks through news coverage and trends from 2010, and interestingly brings context on what's going on inside the brains of older people.

And I found myself mucking about on Dr. Bill Thomas’ authoritative site, ChangingAging.org:

imageRe-Thinking Dove Pro-Aging
Last week I tweeted that I was “thinking about beauty.” In particular, I was thinking about the Dove “pro-aging” campaign.

Remember this?

Thanks, Jamie and Bill. 

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