14 March 2019

Goings On About Town

For years I’ve been championing the marketing and advertising of normal everyday products to Baby Boomers:
Boomer Backlash II
If every time someone over fifty sees a commercial targeting them and it’s always for an age-related product or service, pretty soon their eyes will glaze over, they’ll get itchy and grumpy.
The Real Issue: Marketing and advertising folks grasping the fact that Boomers will be buying billions (trillions?) of dollars worth of non-age related products for the next twenty-odd years. If you target this group for toothpaste, computers, clothes, food, nail polish, sporting equipment, toenail clippers - anything at all (almost), and you do it with respect and finesse, they will appreciate and consider your product.
And I scream about easy-to-open packaging, easy-on-older-eyes print, usability, etc.

But sometimes what I find out there is just silly. Read it and wipe:
Ranking The Best Five Toilet Papers For Seniors   

Feeling old? Down in the dumps? Want a pep talk? A little kick-in-the-pants inspiration so you can carry on?

Of course, if you feel okay about yourself you don’t need to read about how incredible you could be. Possible negative side effect: Getting depressed finding out how wonderful other people are.

Immerse yourself in or ignore the latest feel-good (or bad) site:
We are a global movement living longer and better than ever before. Join us for culture, style, travels, health sciences and things that inspire.
Of course, if you’re really old, say thirty or so, you’ll really need help. A motivational weekend might do the trick:
A New Luxury Retreat Caters to Elderly Workers in Tech (Ages 30 and Up)  
… The group would place stickers with ageist slurs all over their chests, arms and faces, and then hurl the stickers into a fire. Later, there would be healing sessions focused on intergenerational collaboration and accepting mortality.
There’s a famous quote attributed to … well, lots of people:
If You Remember the ’60s, you really weren’t there.”
There are always exceptions to rules. Brent Green has rounded up a few folks who swear they remember, and their credentials convince me they’re (probably) not lying.

I don’t remember the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, or the ‘10s (except for maybe up to an hour or so ago), so I’m no help.