09 January 2006

Welcome to your 60s, boomers!

I'm sick of it. All this slop about Baby Boomers turning sixty. If I hear that Ameriprise guitar player do his weird, wimpy Happy Birthday thing more time, I'm going to puke.

I wish I could be wittier about this, but I can't. Because all I want to do is puke.

If I weren't a Baby Boomer, I'd hate them. Thanks, media and press.

Although I am looking forward to a scholarly take on the subject from Leonard Steinhorn and his book - the one with the trouble-making title. It's trouble-making for a reason, no doubt.

But please - no more 'they're turning sixty' Baby Boomer stuff in the press, ok?

However, if you must read one article (or another one), read this one. It's by Meg Heckman of the Concord Monitor:
When reflecting on their lives thus far, many boomers interviewed invoke the memory of their parents, calling them "the greatest generation" and speaking humbly of their achievements. But they're no less proud of their own very different accomplishments.
Now let's put a stopper in it.

P.S. And even if you love the guitar player, read this.

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