13 January 2006

Baby Boomers Burst Online

Tessa Wegert's piece on Click Z about a Burst! Media study is a good one - although there's nothing much new here if you've been keeping up with the Baby Boomer online demographic curve:
Three of five adults 55 years and older, known to be the heaviest consumers of offline media such as newspapers and TV network news, say they use the Internet more today than they did a year ago. This data is supported by com Score Media Metrix research, which finds the number of online adults aged 55 and older grew by 20 percent to reach over 27 million in 2005.
Tessa is an entertaining business writer. Not surprisingly, I found her anecdotal research more compelling than all the numbers. For example, she tells a story about her mother-in-law giving the 20 and 30-something youngsters in her family Logitech video WebCams for Christmas, then announcing:
"Now we can all iChat together and see each other wherever we are … Later, I'll show you all how to set it up."
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