21 January 2006


It doesn't quite carry the gravitas it once did, but VOA is still one of the top news sources around the world. So you'd better read (or watch) their generic report on marketing to Baby Boomers:
Melanie Ulricksen is 53. She says she's fed up with products that try to make her look younger. "I don't want to be 55 trying to look like I'm 35. Give me something that makes what I have look nicer."
Nothing much new here, although it's worth listening to the sensible advice of Revlon's CMO, Stephanie Peponis:
"We want to make her look her best today. That's different from turning back the clock."
On second thought - this report, though not the most arousing piece of reportage, probably should be rammed down the throats of every advertising agency power-that-be. Of course, only clients can do that.

And I wonder when they will. Clients had better wise up fast and demand intelligent creative when targeting Baby Boomers:
A consulting group, Deloitte, predicts Baby Boomers will dominate the marketplace by 2008.

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