20 January 2006

Boomers, Vacation, Travel

Mirroring a chapter in my book about vacations and travel, add these two trends:

Exotic cruises profit from baby boomers
Affluent cruise passengers are eschewing placid days on a sun lounger for exotic trips to middle-eastern archaeological sites and night clubs.
Volunteering travel is a big success with the 50-plus
Over-5Os make excellent volunteers as they bring with them different life skills and a different outlook to younger volunteers. They tend to be more patient and have very good communication and people skills. Older volunteers sometimes take on a role as an unofficial group leader when placed with younger volunteers which seems to work well. All the skills complement each other.

Now in its eleventh year, i-to-i is an award-winning organization providing unique travel and work experiences to people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

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