10 May 2010

HR/Brain Roll

I’m on a Human Resources/Brain roll. My last post:

Memo to H.R: Older Brains = Smarter Brains

image The first roll was in 2003, before blogs were known as blogs.  You’ll have to take a wild ride on The WayBack Machine to find it:

Advertising to Baby Boomers: Back into the Fold (June 26, 2003)
image Truth is, you can analyze marketing fodder all day and night, read countless books about marketing to Baby Boomers, attend advertising and marketing conventions around the world, and soak up everything all the experts have to say. Much of what is out there is valuable and useful, some practically required reading, others instructive and illuminating. But if you plan on implementing a creative strategy, and turn it over to a different generation of advertising professionals—you'll forfeit the natural sensibilities required to generate vital campaigns.

Since then, a book – and scores of posts.  A handful:

Hire Baby Boomer Creatives
NostraChuckus predicts the future. Again.

The Trouble with HR
image It makes all the sense in the world for ad makers (both clients and agencies) to be well-stocked with people who understand consumers, whether young people who fathom the mysteries of cyberspace, a good mixture of people who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, and, yes, even older people who understand the vitality and buying power of the great gorge of baby boomers overtaking our land. – Rance Crain

Older Employees' Better Coping Skills Mean Better Engagement

image Thanks to Kim Walker of Silver Group Asia, we now know that Singapore is a leader in the HR revolution:

Singapore Promotes The Benefits Of Older Workers
image Singapore's Ministry of Manpower has launched a multimedia campaign created by Dentsu to promote the employment of older workers. Through the campaign, MOM aims to highlight the importance and benefits of employing older workers to CEOs, HR Directors, HR Managers and Line Managers.

Do we have anything like this produced by the U.S. Department of Labor?  Or any other government entity? I haven’t seen any.  We’re too busy pushing Social Security – which is well and good and appreciated.  But perhaps we should also do a bit of vigorous, high-profile advertising that would benefit and expand the economy:

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