26 May 2010

No News News Redux II

No News News Reduximage
I’m one of the few bloggers to take pride in bringing you no news news.  I’ve been offering my readers no news news for years …
No News News Flash #1:
A lot of times no news news happens because Dick Stroud beats me to it, what with his getting up earlier than I do.
Like today …
Email designs are neglecting the needs of Boomers
There’s nothing new here – and Dick knows it.  But he’s nicer than I am. 
A post from a few years ago about a presentation of mine:
Our requested changes were never heeded.
image … It was especially amusing when your graphic for ***** came up and you noted that the copy was too small to read. You should have added that for some reason, more and more people are also using this light gray typeface (in the print ad you used as an example). My proofreading colleagues and I would get myopically and intellectually frustrated and rant about our changes not being acknowledged!
What I say when this slide pops up: “A fifty or older designer would not design an ad that he or she cannot see.”
The same holds true for DRM email.
No News News Flash #2:
In Praise of the Original Social Media: Good Ol' Television
image Here's what I've learned from soaking in all that data: For all the buzz and obsession about social media, old media still rules our lives. (It's amazing how often we use new media to talk about what old media is up to.) And of all the old media, TV maintains the tightest grip on our collective consciousness.

I can’t link to all the posts here about this.  Just believe me – or search the blog for ‘television’ …
And my next post will be about TV.
image Baby Boomers grew up watching television as a group.  I tell the story in a section of my speaking/consulting presentations.

So until the next time nothing new pops up in the news …

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