21 May 2010

We’re all miserably happy, or …

image Nothing in life fills me with more joy and happiness and dread and stress than reading surveys and news articles about Baby Boomers.

While it’s usually a mistake to assume that Baby Boomers are all the same, in this case it must be true: We’re all happy and miserable.

After all, you can’t argue with facts:

Baby Boomers: An unhappy generation?
by Amy Sherman
image … Why does a recent survey from Pew Research on Demographic Trends state that of all the generations, baby boomers are considered the unhappiest and most discontent? Could it be because our work and personal responsibilities cause us too much stress? Or that we feel strapped, tired and just bummed out?

Daily stress and worry plummet after age 50 By Sharon Jayson
image After 50, daily stress and worry take a dive and daily happiness increases, according to an analysis of more than 340,000 adults questioned about the emotions they experienced "yesterday."

The research, published online today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that young adults experience more negative emotions more frequently than those who are older.

The Takeaway: Your happiness or misery is directly or inversely proportional to the survey you happen to be reading.

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