06 May 2010

The Year Of The Baby Boomer Brain

Have I blogged that already?  Sometimes I get distracted, forgetful.

Ahhh. I guess I did:

image2010: The Year of The Baby Boomer Brain
Researchers have confirmed what many mature people already know – intelligence actually gets sharper with age.

And there’s that book. I finally read it. I think:

The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain
image For many years, scientists thought that the human brain simply decayed over time and its dying cells led to memory slips, fuzzy logic, negative thinking, and even depression. But new research from neuroscien­tists and psychologists suggests that, in fact, the brain reorganizes, improves in important functions, and even helps us adopt a more optimistic outlook in middle age.

Now we have even more research about older brains … although something tells me I’ve seen it all before – but I can’t remember …

Sometimes Older Really Is Wiser
image “Our study is one of the first to show that some cognitive processes seem to improve in old age.”

Have I blogged that already?  I don’t remember.  Sometimes I get distracted, forgetful.

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