12 May 2009

Oprah & Dan … & Chuck

I’ve blogged Dan Pink:

What Kind of Genius Are You?
dhp A new theory suggests that creativity comes in two distinct types - quick and dramatic, or careful and quiet … Science News reports on a study that says an aging brain may be a more emotionally astute brain…

wnm And I talk about his book A Whole New Mind in my presentations.

Of course, Oprah and Chuck go way back:

Boomers Beyond: Marketing to a 50-Plus Audience (2005)
I'm the selfless sort. If Oprah's name cozying up to mine will boost her career, I'm glad to help.

So it was especially gratifying to me when they finally powwowed:

danandoprah Oprah Talks to Daniel Pink
... I think baby boomers are going to do something quite spectacular. They say, "Sixty's not old. Oh, I've got 25 years left." Then they look back 25 years and say, "Holy smokes, that sure happened fast. Are the next 25 years going to happen as fast? And if they are, what's my legacy going to be? When am I going to live my best life? What kind of imprint am I going to leave on the world?" Roughly 100 baby boomers turn 60 every 18 minutes in this country. Imagine the collective force of that …

I’m a bit miffed that they didn’t invite me to join them. Oh, well. You know how people get when they go big time. They forget who helped them get there …

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