05 May 2009

Experts in Asia and Australia

This blog gets half its hits from international ISPs – and half of those are from Asia and Australia.  Why?  Both continents have huge older populations, and marketers there are wisely rethinking demographic priorities. 

biGill Walker contributed a sumptuous chunk of insight in a recent Henry Stewart Talks Seminar.  Her appearance on Australia’s Today Show is likewise a treat – and it includes one of my favorite troublemaking spots (for NestlĂ©'s Entice).

Click here or the picture below to watch the interview:


A recent blog post featured Kim Walker.  Last month he was a guest on Channel News Asia’s "Primetime" morning show:

For a more academic approach to it all:

silvermarketThe Silver Market Phenomenon
Thirty-three individually authored chapters examine the challenges, chances, and perspectives of the current demographic shift--aging and shrinking populations--in many countries around the world …

There’s a chapter by you-know-who in there somewhere.

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