01 May 2009

Puncturing Myths

As usual, there aren’t really any myths about Boomers and media/advertising that haven’t been punctured by Yours Truly and many others.  A pretty good list from a year ago:

How Well Do You Know Boomers?
Myth #6 - Boomers are brand loyal and will not switch
Golly gee, willikers. If you don't know this by now ...

But I guess the industry is still in a river in Egypt.

At the recent Upfront Summit, Crown Media CEO Henry Schleiff apparently caused some trouble.

Click here or the picture below to view the video clip:hs

The chief of Hallmark's TV operations doesn't think enough people appreciate how rapidly the traditional TV audience is aging or what that means.  (Ad Age)

I was quoted along with Mr. Schleiff in a Kansas City Star piece last year:

Baby boomers become the forgotten consumer
August 4, 2008
By Jennifer Mann
"Our viewers have assets, not allowances," Schleiff told Wall Street analysts.

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