06 May 2009

Businesses Fighting For Baby Boomer Dollars

A very good piece by Mary Motzko – and not necessarily because I’m quoted.  Yours Truly is in heady company:

Businesses Fighting For Baby Boomer Dollars
lw Marketing Campaigns Aimed At Boomer Generation
While baby boomers are open to advertising, there are certain avenues companies should avoid as to not turn their targeted audience against their product.

After being interviewed, I suggested that Ms. Motzko contact Dr. Harry (Rick) Moody.  She did:

rm When creating an ad aimed at baby boomers, Harry Moody, the director of academic affairs for AARP, warns companies to not generalize those over 50 into one group. Moody said that grouping all baby boomers together as the same audience "is sure to lead to disaster."

Also interviewed is Mark Bradbury, Research Director at AARP:

According to Bradbury, baby boomers are used to redefining what it means to be a certain age. They did it when they were young, then again in their teens and 20s, and now they're trying to redefine what it means to be 50.

That sounds familiar.  From my book:


Or you can hear me scream it over The Who and Led Zeppelin.

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