13 May 2009

Advertising/Marketing Resources

evergreenlogoEvergreen Advertising/Marketing in Australia offers free PDF downloads of some sterling resources, including:

  • The introduction to Section One of David Wolfe’s seminal Ageless Marketing

  • Chapter Two of Dick Stroud’s 50-PLUS MARKET (Yours Truly contributed a section elsewhere)

  • An issue of Prophets Profit magazine focusing on the 50+ market 

  • A Brochure for The Evergreen Report
    Women over 50: Their perspectives on
    life and portrayal in advertising

  • The Preface and Introduction (The Geritol Syndrome) from my book Advertising To Baby Boomers

When you get there scroll a bit and click the thumbnails for downloads:

Evergreen Resources


A direct link: Advertising To Baby Boomers Preface & Introduction

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