18 May 2009

Asia-Pacific Tourism Summit

Next week in Sydney, Australia:

Asia-Pacific Tourism Summit
boomerSummit Baby boomers are the travelling phenomena of this era.  Destinations and tourism operators wishing to be part of this exciting demographic niche need to start planning urgently to cater for the interests and requirements of the travelling baby boomer.

 eTurboNews has a good piece about it:

Tourism operators pulling down the shutters for Australia - without realizing
etn Forget Gen X and Gen Y. It could be the baby boomers generation throwing the tourism industry a lifeline …

I’ve been writing about all this for years.  A blog post and excerpt from my book:

Cookie-Cutter Cavalcades



The eTurboNews article also addresses the bigger picture:

… Advertising research has shown the baby boomers feel overshadowed by younger generations when it comes to products and services, and no-one is interested in courting them or their money. 

No kidding.  That’s my book, my blog.  A recent post:

Why couldn’t it have been…?
A car?  Laundry soap?  A computer?  A razor?  Anything but some age-related malady.

buckleyManaging Director of Tourism Australia Geoff Buckley will address this question: Are Baby Boomers the recession busters

Could be.  I likewise mention this possibility in an online presentation (skip to the 17:30 timeline mark).

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