29 May 2013

Intergenerational Teams A Strength

L’Oreal Canada is picking up on the zeitgeist:

L’Oreal Canada considers inter-generational teams a strength
The company focuses on recruiting new talent and retaining the services of experienced employees, which often results in the creation of inter-generational teams tackling company projects together.

I’ve been promoting this for years.  From Chapter One of my book:

Things have changed, all for the better … However, a strange thing happened during this constructive inclusion of targeted social groups. Each generation of advertisers developed its own versions of yesteryear’s myopia and conceit.

While advertising agencies were never a healthy blend of gender and ethnicity until recently (and many still believe quite correctly that it isn’t quite perfect yet), agencies of the past were usually an effective
mixture of young, middle-aged, and old. Creative directors, copywriters, and graphic artists could be any age. Smart account execs
assigned accounts to creatives based on their age and cultural strengths.

There’s a lot more about it all. Download The Introduction and Chapter One of Advertising to Baby Boomers (PDF).

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