21 May 2013

Tramping Through The Ether

I’m on the hunt, digging around, stuffing my pockets – but can’t unearth that one big blog-worthy story.  Pixels gathered:

Why are baby boomers leading the entrepreneurial movement?
image… Amid economic and social changes, the 55- to 64-year-old age group has had the largest increase in entrepreneurial activity over the last decade.

I’ve heard something about this…

Entrepreneurs & Baby Boomers
All of a sudden every other news article about Baby Boomers is focused on business and entrepreneurs.

17 September 2009
Late Bloomer Boomers
This isn’t like retired people taking on hobbies. The Late Bloomer Boomer Movement is going full blast, and there’s no stopping it. The magic equation: Thirty-odd years of experience plus not feeling old and being relatively healthy plus knowing you have another quarter-century of productivity in you equals . . . Well, we’ll see.

Dick Stroud visits Arjan in't Veld and De Youngsters.  Amazing stuff, a must-click via Google Translate:


Students study baby boomer consumers
imageMarketing and gerontology graduate students are researching ways to reach the baby boomer generation as a consumer group, as part of a project allowing them to apply acquired skills and build upon industry skills.

imagePerhaps the curriculum should include a book recommended as a Classroom Resource by The Advertising Educational Foundation

News Flash:

Baby Boomers Downsizing Homes, Upgrading Options
imageThe baby boomer generation has made it clear they are not ready to retire. For that reason home builders, designers and architects are continuously modifying floor plans to meet their demands.

Hmmm.  Sounds familiar:

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That’s it.  I’m out of pixels. Unless you want to play some brain games.