03 March 2010

Aging Brain Less Quick, More Shrewd

NPR’s Michelle Trudeau’s intriguing piece:


The Aging Brain Is Less Quick, But More Shrewd
For baby-boomers, there is both good news and bad news about the cognitive health of the aging brain.

image I’ve blogged about Dr. Gary Small a few times (and read two of his books):

My Brain, Your Brain, iBrain

my virtual hand slapped

Your Brain on Games

All this fresh info is now a slide in my presentations, with bullets (and citations):

When sculpting a campaign targeting Baby Boomers, remember …

We are good at:

•  complex reasoning skills
•  anticipating problems and reasoning things out
•  empathy, having the ability to understand the
   emotional point of view of another

But also remember:

•  our reaction time is slower
•  it takes us longer to retrieve information
•  we’re not very good at multitasking (but if you read the  
   research, younger folk aren’t half as good at multitasking
   as they think they are

image Don’t forget to listen to the 3 1/2 minute piece.

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