24 March 2010

Back from Istanbul.

There are 15 million people living in Istanbul – and I think I saw all of them. 

And I met about two dozen of the brightest. 

image My day-long workshop/presentation International Advertising And Marketing Techniques Targeting Baby Boomers went very well.  The graciousness of the Turkish people is unparalleled.  Thanks so much, IMI Conferences.

One truly appreciated email:

Dear Chuck,

First off, thank you for the workshop last Friday, we learnt a lot. I hope your trip in Istanbul went well.

Could you please send your presentations of the workshop along with the ‘word of mouth marketing’ presentation you did at the end of the workshop.

This way, we can share it with our colleagues.

Thanks and regards …

Attendees included marketing executives from Fortis, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, Yapi Kredi Bankasi, and IS Bankasi.  

I don’t know what their takeaways were, but here were mine:

  • Turkey is a vibrant, economic powerhouse – especially  the financial sector.  There will be no stopping them (not that you’d want to).
  • A fifty-nine year old can actually stand on his feet and blabber on for eight hours without keeling over and passing out.

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