01 August 2005

Boomers TV

This post is about advertising Baby Boomers, not advertising to Baby Boomers...

And I don't know anything about the project, but it's certainly worth a few clicks:
Boomers: Redefining Life After 50, a 13-part series of half-hour magazine style programs that examines the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Boomers as they contemplate their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Hosted by Mark & Nancy Mills.
At The What's Next? Boomer Business Summit this year, Nancy and Mark interviewed and recorded my colleague Brent Green. Have a listen.

Mark and Nancy are hoping to sell the series to Public Television. Program funding is provided by Fidelity Investments and Del Webb Corp., a division of Pulte Homes, Inc.

Keep an eye out for it in January, 2006.

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  1. The Boomers series made it to public television. Launched Jan. 1, 2006. Now on about 85 stations with more coming this spring. See our web site for a listing of stations carrying the programs.

    Mark Mills Co-host


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