15 January 2009

More Nimble, More Creative Solutions

intel Stuart Elliott of the New York Times reports on an interesting ad biz tactic by Intel:

Intel Shifts Image Advertising to a Smaller Agency
StuartElliot Intel is shifting an important advertising assignment — to create brand and corporate image campaigns — to a smaller, independent agency from a Madison Avenue giant … The recession may accelerate the trend of large marketers looking for “more nimble, more creative solutions” to advertising problems, Mr. Venables said. “A company like ours is in a fantastic position.”

This is what I suggested in my book when targeting Baby Boomers.  A few excerpts:


nyrenagency While I’ve done a fair amount of consulting/creative strategy/copywriting for major companies, my ‘agency’ is a bit too small to really ‘pitch’ Unilever, Microsoft, Toyota, and all the others for full-service advertising/marketing/PR.  But if you’re one of the big guys or gals, consider a medium-sized agency for “more nimble, more creative solutions.”

And you can call me, of course.  I’ll help you find one.  (Along with spearheading, contributing, and shaking up things if need be.)

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