03 January 2009

2008 Review: A PowerPoint

Not necessarily the biggest stories about advertising and Baby Boomers – but ones that intrigued me, that I believe will be influential.

Links to other blog posts, news articles, and sites mentioned in the presentation are listed below the oversized embed.

Running time: 20 minutes

Sources mentioned in this presentation:

10 Ways Marketers Should Grow Up in 2008

Todd Harff Presentation

Diversity = Productivity

Executive Session With Rance Crain

What’s The Word? (Millward/Brown, Nigel Hollis)

Buzz marketing illegal from May, warns IPA

The Crystal Ball of Common Sense

Smart or Sneaky? (Homemakers Magazine)

Eons: Now You Just Have To FEEL Old To Join


Vibrant Nation

Demand for older models grows

Chico's and Baby Boomer Women NOT (Brent Green)

Most Inane Commercial of The Year Award

John Lennon Exhumed

Nuts for Boomers

AARP's Chicken Coop Coup?

Goodbye, Jukebox. Hello, Jennie Chin Hansen.

Older Brain May Be Wiser Brain

Aging Brain Shifts Gears

Brains More Distracted, Not Slower with Age

Baby boomers are smarter than you think

iBrain by Dr. Gary Small

Mushy Brains

Baby Boomers & The Economic Collapse

Ecologies Of Risk (Blog Post)

Ecologies of Risk (PDF)

50 Plus Beurs 2008 Utrecht

MetLife Mature Market Institute

Institute For The Future

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