29 January 2009

The New Old

Culled from a colleague’s email:

BTW, have you read "The New Old"? The author loves your writing and cites you generously.

Haven’t read it.  I bet he also cites my colleague.  I’ll have to order it:

newold The New Old: How the Boomers Are Changing Everything ... Again
by David Cravit
The New Old shows how the Boomers’ simple act of refusing to age is creating a revolution – in everything from education to employment to housing to health and beauty and, of course, to sex.

Mr. Cravit has dazzling credentials.  An article about the book and author:

50Plus BoomerAging: It’ll change everything
The final chapters of The New Old point business owners and organizational leaders in the right direction when it comes to including Boomers in their long term plans.

david cravitBut what's the take home message for Boomers themselves? Information is key. “It's important to stay on top of things,” Cravit advises.

I’ve blogged about Zoomers.  Moses Znaimer and others have put together an impressive network of media outlets in Canada.

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