18 January 2009

Already a Shade of Gray

There’s been lots of empty yack recently about the ‘end of the baby boomers’ and their waning influence now that Barack Obama (technically a Boomer) is about to take office. 

Yet it doesn’t seem as if the President-Elect is listening to such prattle:

1paul_briandObama Administration: Already a shade of gray
by Paul Briand
A look at the incoming Obama Administration shows it is not quite as young as people might think … There's a distinct tinge of gray to his incoming cabinet and senior advisers ... But the wonks can't separate the Baby Boomers from the new administration as easily as they might want. The Baby Boomer influence is far from dead in the upcoming administration.

Will the business industry apply the same intuitive template?  How about the advertising industry?

Mr. Briand also reports on another useless, over-the-hill Boomer.

Update: I’ve ‘disallowed’ comments for this post.  Too many political ones.  I’ll take the blame for merely mentioning something that slightly smacked of politics.

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