07 August 2009

New Erickson Living Campaign

image Over the last few years I’ve blogged about Erickson Communities and some of their marketing and media projects – both the good and the not-so-good:

Tailoring media to an older crowd

This sounds familiar.

Like every industry, adult housing has taken a direct hit from the economic downturn.  Erickson is no exception.

imageWith their recent advertising, the company is putting a happy face on it all, but not shying away from realities.  A new website is very upbeat.  Some fun, motivational videos highlight the fact that life can be quite eclectic no matter what age you are.

Three new television spots are in rotation.  One is a generic template, taking its cue from this 2008 spot.  The other two have a bit more meat on their bones:

Watch another one.

I’d like to see a television campaign that highlights the real-life themes in the videos on the Erickson web site. Especially with Baby Boomers (both as eldercare advisors for their parents, and as potential customers themselves), substantive stories are more engaging than simple hawking.

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