02 August 2009

2009: The First Half+ (Online Presentation)

An overview. Length: 25 minutes.
Topics Covered
imageNews Articles &
The Economy 
The Media
Boomer Women
Television Campaigns New Resources

Links to articles and sites profiled in the above presentation
Boomers key to economic recovery


Get set for wave of Boomer startups
Businesses Fighting For Baby Boomer Dollars

Economy Faces Bigger Bust Without Boomers

Baby boomers adopting responsible consumerism
Recession Turns Boomers Into Perfect Catch For Advertisers
Ask an Expert: Boomers are a once in a lifetime opportunity
Older folks like Wii, PCs and cellphones, too
Grandparents get their widgets on
Latest IRI Baby Boomer Report Reveals $50 Billion Growth Opportunity for CPG Industry
Who’s gonna buy this car?
Coming Boom in Boomer-Friendly Transport
Tech Marketers' Next Opportunity: Boomers
Why Television Still Shines in a World of Screens
Marketing Vox
Harris Poll (PDF)
Boomers: The Overlooked Media Sweet Spot
Advertising to Baby Boomers (Book Review, PDF)
Harris Poll & Advertising & Social Networking
Chico's and Baby Boomer Women ... NOT
Amid Sales Slump, Chico's Taps New CEO
The Forgotten Market Online: Older Women
Adult underwear no longer being given the silent treatment
Aging In Place Technology Watch
Mark Miller/Huffington Post
www.evergreenam.com.au (Resources)
Baby Boomer Knowledge Center
MetLife Mature Market Institute
Henry Stewart Talks

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