06 August 2009

Travelers Angry with Web

image NostraChuckus was wrong.

That’s painful to admit, but a new study by Forrester Research proves (even mocks) the fallibility of this famed prognosticator:

Worst Part of a Trip May Be Booking It on the Web
image A new report, to be released Tuesday by Forrester Research, found that far from embracing the do-it-yourself era, many consumers were fed up with the complicated process of planning and booking travel.

Travel Agents are gloating:

Forrester Research Sees Travelers Angry with Web
* Travelers Are Fed Up With Bad, Inconsistent  Travel eBusiness Experiences
* The Travel Industry Fiddled With eBusiness While Rome Burned
* Weak Economy And Angry Travelers Demand New Travel eBusiness Approach

NostraChuckus was sure the online travel biz would make things easier and easier, more fun and more fun – where one of the best parts of a trip would be planning it. 

Here’s what he predicted in January 2004:

Cavalierly plagiarizing himself, NostraChuckus divined even more from his Crystal Ball of Common Sense and scribbled it all in his book (1st Edition, 2005):

image_thumb4 image_thumb10


 NostraChuckus is taking his crystal ball to Dervish and Banges for a tune-up.

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