12 August 2009

The Troublemaking Triumvirate

image Christopher Simpson has resurrected his still warm corpse, Ad Nauseam.  From an email:

… I've very quietly started up Ad Nauseam again. Seems I can't stop commenting, but … I'm not going out of my way to promote the site …

imageThen I’ll promote it.

My latest is on Ikea's monumentally idiotic Any Place Can Be Beautiful campaign.

I don’t know if Kit or Bob Hoffman of The Ad Contrarian would consider themselves members of The Troublemaking Triumvirate. After all, the concept is merely some arrogant delusion that knocks around in my noggin every so often. Mr. Simpson and Mr. Hoffman are the other two who’ve yet to swig the Social Media/WOMM/Branding Kool-Aid.  I hope they’re never that thirsty.  I hope I’m never that thirsty. 

It’s good to have Kit back blogging.

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