19 December 2008

my virtual hand slapped

I had my virtual hand slapped the other day.

A friend and colleague, someone with a mind-boggling marketing past (Disney, NestlĂ©, Former President of The Advertising Hall of Fame), reprimanded me for painting all psychiatrists who’ve been on PBS as nutty.

I didn’t quite say that – although my tongue-in-cheek pontifications here in the ether are often misinterpreted. I take the blame for that.  (And take a certain amount of perverse pleasure in it, too.)

garysmall My friend/colleague is working on some projects with a gentleman I admire, a psychiatrist who’s been on PBS and many other media outlets, Dr. Gary Small.

I’ve blogged Dr. Small, linked to an article where he was quoted, doing so more than once.

iBrain_1 His new book iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind is getting great reviews.

My friend offered to put me in touch with Dr. Small for an interview – but I wouldn’t do something crazy like waste such an opportunity on a silly blog. If I ever got Dr. Small on the phone I’d turn it into a free personal psychiatric consult.

So instead, watch this:

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