16 December 2008

Mushy Brains

I’m still pondering the ponderable – and the imponderable.

thinking Recently, for reasons I won’t divulge, I’ve been thinking about brains.  But so have a lot of Baby Boomers. Our brains are important to us.  I remember Woody Allen’s character in 1973’s Sleeper saying, “My Brain. It’s my second favorite organ.”  Thanks to the invention of Viagra this is still true.

The Big Issue: We are now worried about losing our second-favorite organs to fun afflictions like Alzheimer’s.  It’s why we buy brain games.  And watch nutty psychiatrists on PBS

I take a contrarian view.  I think we’re doing pretty well in the thinking department.  Our decision-making doesn’t seem to have been affected by the aging process.  And what many of us want to do with the rest of our lives sounds rather sane to me. 

brain2 Then again, all this could be because our brains are turning to mush. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe you get a different kind of brain, a more emotionally astute brain with mush.

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