22 December 2008

Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy Survey

Next month Deloitte will release the State of the Media Democracy Survey, Third Edition.

Along with their teaser presentation, a few nuggets have been rolled out in advance.  Two news articles detailing choice ones:

newtv Deloitte survey shows we’re living in a “media democracy”

Deloitte Study: Millennials, Mobile and More

Smashing open a few nuggets:

Baby Boomers, ages 43 to 61, and the mature generation, ages 62 to 75, continue to read books, magazines, and newspapers. They lag in adopting new technology. The mature generation puts the most importance on television, favors land lines, and is receptive to print ads.

Nothing much new here.  Lagging in adopting new technology isn’t quite the way I’d put it.  From my book:

Boomers are also receptive to print ads and television spots.  The 2007 Deloitte State of the Media Democracy Survey found that 67% of boomers visited sites after seeing ads on TV or in print.  My guess for 2009: Nothing much will change.

If you take the population as a whole, television remains the most influential ad medium for 88 percent of respondents. Magazines (49 percent) and online (48 percent) tied for second.

deloitte-2Those percentages are for all age groups – so you can imagine what the numbers would be for Boomers only. 

The willingness to pay for a subscription for ad-free content has declined since last year.

Advertising on the web is becoming accepted, often welcomed. 

Video on the web:

Pre-roll ads were considered more influential than overlay ads.

Most Boomers don’t mind pre-roll.  We’re used to it.  It’s simply a commercial before a show. While overlay ads are intrusive, annoying, and don’t forget this.

deloitte Deloitte’s 2007 State of the Media Democracy Survey

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