23 December 2008

AARP’s 2008 Best Employers For Workers Over 50

aarpbestemployers The AARP “Best Employers for Workers Over 50” is an annual recognition program that awards companies and organizations whose best practices and policies for addressing the issues affecting our aging labor force create roadmaps for the workplaces of tomorrow.

Highly admirable, AARP.  Thanks. And congrats to all the companies. By keeping and hiring employees over 50 they’re  doing the right thing and the smart thing.

VenusMiloQuiz: How many advertising agencies are on the list? 

Hint: You can count them on the hands of Venus de Milo.

Maybe I’m being a bit rough. After all, many ad agencies are owned by multinationals based outside of the United States – so here is the real AARP award program we should keep our eyes on:

aarpea The AARP International Innovative Employer Award is intended to recognize employers who have demonstrated innovative workforce or human resources practices that address issues relevant to the age 50 and older workforce.

Quiz: How many advertising agencies will be on this list? 

Anybody want to make a prediction?

Hint: Use the Venus de Milo to make your calculations.

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