30 June 2008

'Elderbloggers' Shy Away From Money Talk

Here's a revealing piece in U.S. News and World Report by Candice Novak:

'Elderbloggers' Shy Away From Money Talk

usn A Weber Shandwick study found that "despite their extensive dialogue on other topics, [baby] boomers follow a 'code of silence' when it comes to financial services." Only 5 percent of those surveyed had made a recommendation in the past year about financial services.

Ronni Bennett was certainly the 'go-to' person for this article.  She's the expert on all things elderblogger:

rb Bennett knows there's a need for more money talk among her peers ... When it comes to finances, she says, "We're going to go to our grave not being as open and loose as the younger generation."

My quote in the article refers to the sleaziness of Word-of-Mouth Marketing - and some of the silly financial planning ad campaigns and websites:

My Blog Was WOMMed!

ING's "Your Number"

Dennis Hopper for Ameriprise

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